Smarter Email Marketing!

Email marketing these days is no doubt a very cost effective way of getting your brand name around. If done right, it can mean big success for your company. The success you require is already in front of you. That philosophical sentence simply means that the only new and fresh innovation into getting a better response to email marketing is that there are no new secret or tricks. Age-old marketing tricks from the business geniuses is what one needs to focus on for the best results. To cut it short, you need to focus on your structure and the way you want to present it, the content you want to convey and most importantly the aim of your email. Following these basic guidelines of marketing; that you must’ve heard repeatedly; the email forms a strong message to customers with the intent required.


  1. Creative Content

Like we were taught in middle school, any piece of work that wants appreciation and an intended audience needs to be well thought out. Then comes the step of questioning yourself; this will help you know exactly what to do about the structure, aim and content making the writing process a breeze. Ask yourself: who is your target audience? What would you want them to know? What are the advantages of your product? Who are the people that will influence your product? And so on… The more you can plan the easier the writing process will be. The best part of this method is that while planning you don’t need to focus on being formal and yet you can make sure there isn’t any unnecessary words in your email.


  1. Solid Structure

    Focusing upon the structure of your email, remember you need to maintain the focus of the audience. This will help any customer be able to understand what the brand is without being bored. If you see an email with long paragraphs and only text, no one would want to read it. Yes that would make your content look more informational however the chances of someone wanting to read something really informative is minimal. Instead keep your paragraphs short, use bold and italics to convey the important points and even add social networking options for the audience to reach back to you. There was a study by Salesforce that stated that 79% of marketers consider the structure and design of an email to be most crucial so make sure you don’t skip this step.

  2. Distinct Design 

Design empowers buyers to see, explore, and cooperate with your image. The better your email plan, the less demanding it will be for you to get a reaction to your email marketing plans. The listed rules below will give you pristine, clear thoughts to make a convincing email layout. Promoting is about effortlessness and curtness. Ensure you separate the data so it’s less demanding for the user to process the greater part of the data. To get the best reaction to your email advertising, use the following methods;

  • Make your substance shorter.
  • Substitute thick sections for short passages.
  • Utilize visual cues, pictures, intense titles, cites, and so on.
  • Bring out your call to action utilizing intense hues, buttons or content.
  • Include social sharing options in addition to your contact data.
  • Always make sure your email is CAN-SPAM consistent; ensure the links provided are set conspicuously and are simple to discover.Email marketing is in the best interests of companies of all sizes; and if mastered the right techniques to pull it off, it could be one of the most essential arrows you have in your quiver of advertising campaigns. Use these techniques and see your brand soar!

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