Why to Post Your Own Blog as Guest?

Guest blogging is simply a process of creating content and publishing it on other high-quality sites that accept guest posts . This will help you build your reputation and drive traffic to your personal blog as well. You’re literally giving away your good content for free. Even though you don’t get paid for what you have done, you’ll greatly benefit from them through the targeted traffic that’s driven to your blog or site, not to mention the increase of your blog’s rankings in the search engine as the results of the link that you’ve dropped. The bigger and more influence a site has, the more benefits you can reap. As a general rule, it is best to write guest posts only on blogs that have much better positions on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) than yours. Guest posting is presently being considered as the best natural method of generating credible back-links that actually go a long way in helping your web pages rank higher on search engines like Google; that being said, it is more important that guest posting is carried out by maintaining high quality and natural methods or it wouldn’t be anything more than just another non-effective attempt at generating back-links.

Build Your Own Brand Just

By Blogging With Established Brand

Access a Wider Audience

Guest posting can be a valuable and even essential part of your marketing mix, because it allows you to tap into another site’s audience. A guest post can introduce you to a large readership, and, through links back to your website in the post, can attract new visitors to your site. If your website hasn’t got much of an audience yet, then writing posts for your site that won’t be read by many visitors isn’t always the best use of your time. While adding more content to your site on a regular basis, will, if done correctly, increase your readership over time, publishing an article on a website where it will be read by many more visitors can really help jumpstart your visitor numbers

Make Industry Connections 

Guest posting can improve your reputation in your field. A secondary benefit of guest posting is that it helps you connect with other businesses and website owners in your field. Guests posts on a well-respected blog can improve your reputation in your industry and can educate a large readership about the type of services you offer. Guest posting is a popular way to get exposure for your website, and, if done correctly, can substantially increase relevant and targeted traffic to your website, which in turn can result in more customers and clients.

High-Quality Content

A guest post needs to be in high-quality content and very informative. It’s important to feature the author’s biography or a resource box that will provide the information regarding your organization and the ways the readers can reach or get in touch with you. It’s also important to understand that when writing guest posts, you’re gaining access to another blogger’s traffic; therefore, you need to ensure that the articles that you’ve submitted are representing you and your brand in the best way possible

Social Signals

You should also look for signs that the blog is well read. The number of comments left on the most recent posts can give you an indication that the site is (still) popular. Any social signals, such as buttons indicating the number of times a post has been shared on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, can also be a good sign that the site is worth approaching. The number of followers the site or its authors have on the social networks is also worth noting as there is a good chance they will share your post with their audience, further increasing your exposure. 

Build Brand Awareness

Having your brand mentioned on popular blogs helps you to stick in the head of their readership and build awareness. If you are just starting out with your blog or business, guest posting can give you an instant      boost of credibility that can drive your venture forward very quickly. Attaching your name biggest blogs in your niche will give people reason to believe that you know what you are talking about and are worth following. This is much easier than building your blog from the ground up without external help!

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