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Google cares about who you link to from your site and the quality of that website’s content. Guest posts and link building are considered to be the best and most reliable methods to create high quality, do-follow backlinks to your site that aren’t at risk of being penalized by search engine algorithm updates. It’s precisely why you see Wikipedia at the top of virtually every search result!

Our Objective 01.

We are here to help your website gain brand visibility and increase your position when it comes to organic search results.

Our Mission 02.

We seek to develop quality content and develop back-links from high traffic sites to generate sustained traffic to your web presence.

Our Methodology 03.

We work with professional bloggers to generate meaningful content and develop back-links on reputable portals.

Our Services

We focus on working with a large network of bloggers and publishers to help you achieve high search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Guest Posts

Our bloggers write original content that is generic in nature and plugs your business in a subtle and professional way.

Link Building

Our network of publishers are drawn from various niche industries and geographies to ensure you get qualified and targeted traffic.

SEO Services

We offer professional Search Engine Optimisation services that include meta tagging, generation of XML site maps and best practices mandated by Google Algorithm.


We can set up online advertising campaigns for you on Search Engines and Social Media including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.

Rewards of Guest Posting

Guest Posting is an extremely popular method of expanding your digital footprint.

By posting your story on another person’s website/blog, not only will a company’s followers see its content, but anyone who follows the host website will see your content as well, thus reaching an audience that might be unaware of your brand.

A business can reach new audiences by increasing the amount of people reading the content. Accumulating guest posts can help a company build online authority by having their content published on other sites. The more sites that allow a company to guest post, the higher authority the company has. Search engines will recognize that other sites consider the posting company knowledgeable, and will adjust that company’s search result rankings accordingly.

Another advantage for companies that guest post is that they create relationships with other influential people.

By creating great content to feature on someone else’s blog or website, a company is establishing a positive relationship with other companies that could be important in the industry. A company that has influential personalities advocating for it will be much more efficient with building a brand online.

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GuestPosts.Biz helps you drive traffic to your web site through Guest Posts, Link Building, SEO and ‘Pay-per-Click’ campaigns.