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The phrase, “Content is King” floats around on the internet and we’ve all heard it at least once in our lifetime. The popularity of this phrase is for good reason; without quality content, there is very less chance of attracting an audience, via SEO or social media. Putting out quality content is what gives you the competitive edge.
But what if you’re a fresh fish in the sea of blogging and SEO? Creating quality content is time consuming and hiring a professional writer for the job takes up expenses that you do not have. Then, what is the solution to staying ahead of the game? How do you produce quality content?

We are here to help! Here are 7 tips and tricks to help you create the best custom quality content, on a budget;


  • Write what you know!
    This advice is given to novelists and authors in general. This tip is helpful because writing about a niche topic that you are familiar with helps you provide some informative insights, while also providing tales of your experiences from real life. The public loves to read stories backed up by facts; that’s why every horror movie that begins with ‘based on a true story’ are such hits in the box office.
  • Do you even Crowdsource?
    Crowdsourcing is a relatively new phenomenon that enlists the help of a large group of people for one project. This method effectively divides the work between a group of people, i.e. your team, than having the burden fall upon one person. This might not be as effective as first because everyone’s writing style will be different and might not correspond with the image of your brand, but in the long run, once everyone is in the same rhythm, this method has proved to be very effective; it provides the insights of not one but a bunch of people, thus, making the content more engaging.
  • Get that User Submitted Content
    User generated content is gaining popularity these days with small time companies as this is an easy way of providing quality content without heavy investment from the entrepreneur’s side. If your aim is to attract user submissions, then the requirement from your side is to provide the audience an incentive to write for you; a contest, for example, is an effective way to peak people’s interests. The content received can then be tweaked if necessary and posted, under the name of the user, thereby increasing your audience loyalty.
  • Be my Guest
    There’s never a lack of yearning content advertisers and authors searching for guest posts on third party websites. A lot of the guest authors are more than happy to add to your blog for no cost whatsoever, provided you enable them to link back to their site or give a little contribution for themselves within their content. Given you keep an eye on the content being created, and alter for your particular tone and style, this can be a viable approach to get pristine content.
  • Surf the Trend Wave
    As an online entrepreneur and blogger, you always have to keep an eye out for content that is trending. When you spot the trend, try and incorporate it into your posts. If the trending story is news related, report about it with your opinions; add a twist. If the trend is about an opinion, opinionate it further; take stance on the matter and dissert your points of view. Sticking to the trends is what defines virality.
  • Resurrect and Restore
    Coming up with ideas for blog posts is always tasking. Quality content is not as easy to think up as it is to find. But, this scenario does happen a lot. Ideas may not flow to you at times, but there’s no need to worry. The solution here is to reinvent some of your old content that is gathering dust. Rewrite them, update them, give them new life. You could create a graphic out of your old content, maybe an infogram, even a video; the possibilities are endless! This is a great way of promoting yourself at very little expense.
  • Collab!
    A joint effort is always better than a single man’s work. Try and collaborate with a social influencer in your market niche for quality content. Working together with an influencer not only helps you in creating informative, quality content, but also essentially doubles your audience. Find a social figure with a similar perspective in your field of interest and get to work!

Having to work on a budget should not stop you from achieving your goals; and that is why we have listed out these tips and tricks for your benefit! Being a #BudgetBlogger is not as hard as it rears up to be, is it?

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