Write a catchy headline for your blog in seconds!

When you pick up the morning and settle down for a good read; which of these headlines would make you spit out your coffee?

“Donald Trump Orders Reporter to Get Out.”


“ US Presidential Candidate Asks Reporter to Leave a Press Meet.”

I’m guessing the first one. It appealed to everyone’s basic instincts and desires to watch drama and excitement unfold in the world. Now, as you might notice, both headlines convey the exact same message, but only one peaks everyone’s interests. Both articles can have the exact same content but the difference in readership might be giant.

This basically proves the point that having a catchy headline is key for viewership; especially in the world of blogging.  A catchy headline should be concise, exciting and most importantly, filled with intrigue. The headline should not shadow the content of the article, i.e., a catchy headline does not completely explain what the article is about. Instead it gives readers a sneak peek, letting them know what they could dive into. For example, if your article headline reads,” Read and find out how the albino crocodile is almost extinct now because of extensive poaching!” Basically what this headline conveys is the entire point of the article you so painstakingly wrote. Now nobody needs to read the article because they already know how the croc went extinct.

This is where we come into play!
Through this article, you will learn how to write the catchiest headlines to get the most eyes for your blog.

There are several headline options you can adopt to make sure your article goes viral and gets top viewership;


  1. How To: How To headlines usually follow up with an instructional article packed with valuable information; information that could go unread because of a boring headline. Using a How To headline is effective because it gives the people what exactly what they’re looking for.
    How to drift in a FWD car
    How to get the best results from blogging
    How to change a watch battery
  2. Lists: List articles are always nice to read due to their organized and chronologic manner; and their headlines should convey this ease. A list headline should contain the number of points in the article, the subject teaser and the main point of the article.
    Top 10 ways to write a mind blowing mystery novel
    100 Amazing facts about bees
    99 things you didn’t know about Hitler
  3. Obtain a clear benefit: These types of article headlines let the reader know exactly what the end result will be after reading through; much like the headline of this article. It gives the readers a clear incentive to click through; expecting to be educated as the headline states. These types of headlines should be very catchy and to the point.
    Discover the secrets behind the walls of SpaceX!
    Learn to speak fluent Arabic in 10 days!
    Code in HTML like a pro!
  4. Helping avoid a negative outcome: These types of headlines underline the grave errors you might make before or while you make them; and help you in understanding the right way to go about the issue.

    The Disastrous Truths about Cold Starting your Car
    The Negative Effects of Smoking on your Career
    Why you shouldn’t splurge on Leather Products
  5. Facts, Stats, Examples: These headlines provide a crystal clear reason to why readers should click and read the article. Peppered with facts, relevant statistics and real life examples; it relates with readers by providing them with truths and real time examples. Examples:
    By 2040, 35% of the world’s population will have electric cars!
    How to get rid of your acne in just 10 days!
    36% of the world’s population believe in alien life!
  6. General: This type of headline is very basic and just describes the essence of your article.

    The Ultimate Guide to Wood Working
    Using the George Foreman Outdoor Grill right
    Understanding Time Travel

    Use these headline guidelines and you will have the most widely read blog on the block within days!


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